Skullreapers & Wrathmongers

The painting over the weekend left a few bits and bobs to do on these two units, but I cleared them up last night, giving the Bloodbound more elite forces above and beyond the usual Blood Warriors!


I had been planning to do ten each of the Skullreapers and Wrathmongers but, after having built one set, I decided not to as this kit lacks the variation of, say, the Blightkings and would appear a bit samey.


I painted the Skullreapers in the same colours as the Blood Warriors and Bloodreavers. I figured that someone would join the Bloodbound as a reaver and, if they were a really good boy, would get to be a Blood Warrior some day. If they proved themselves after that, they could get themselves invited into the Skullreapers, so there is kind of a line running through the army there.


I quite liked how the standard bearer turned out, with the metal effect on the big icon and his little dog-face.


The Skullreapers have a choice of weapons and I went for the (very dangerous!) daemon-bound blades. To get this idea across further I painted the actual blades black with a fair bit of highlighting, rather than just doing them the normal metal.


This is the leader model. I actually made a mistake on the base colour of the skin on these guys, using Pallid Wych Flesh when my Bloodreavers and Blood Warriors actually used Rakarth Flesh. However, a Nuln Oil wash on top of the skin dulled it down nicely so now it looks the same as the rest of the Bloodbound.


The Wrathmongers are completely different  in terms of painting, partially because I wanted to get across the part-daemonic nature of these guys, and partly because I did not want them looking the same as the Skullreapers – the models are different enough but they use the same base bodies so any other difference can only be a good thing.


There are a few options to add mutations to these guys and, being part-daemon, I added them all, such as the three arms on this guy and a scorpion tail on another.


I went with the same colour scheme as I used on Skarr earlier, as I figure if these guys hang out with anyone, it is going to be him. So, red skin (very similar as to how I do Bloodletters, giving another link to part of the Khorne force) with black and gold armour. All Khornate colours but nicely removed from the rest of the Bloodbound.


I also managed to put together Skarbrand and, along with some Mighty Skullcrushers that I plan to pick up soon, my work with Khorne is coming to a close for the immediate future. Onto Nurgle and Tzeentch!


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