While we still wait for the Horus Heresy to descend upon us, I have been keeping busy with some low hanging fruit – models that are quick to build, quick to paint, and won’t be hanging around like a bad smell when I want to dive into the Legions later this month. This weekend, I polished off the final part of a squadron for the Ultramar Auxilia artillery company, plus added some AAA from regiment.

As with all armoured vehicles of the Ultramar Auxilia, these are supremely quick to paint – in fact, I would say that the only hassle with them is during construction, where you hit the monotony of building those track units (the same thing over and again, doubled for each vehicle).

There is not a great deal to say here, other than I really wish the plastic kits came with more crew for the Basilisks, as they just look odd with a bare (or nearly bare) crew loading area. However, I ameliorated this a little by pinching Map Guy from the Hydra kit. Just seems to make more sense having him with artillery rather than anti-aircraft.

The Hydra was a fairly fun little kit, and the four cannon just seem to set it off nicely. Other than that, it was as quick to paint as the Basilisks, and adds another string to the Auxilia’s bow.

The Ultramar Auxilia is now building nicely into a good little force and is pretty much table-ready. Waiting in the Pile of Shame is another infantry platoon (which will finish off an entire infantry company) and also a Stormlord. Not in a hurry to paint any of those, and it looks like the Militarum will be getting some new models soon, so no doubt the Auxilia will get their choice of those too.

Next on the painting table… something rather large for House Slughorn…