For a little while now, I have been plugging away at the forces of another campaign (just a small one this time!) to showcase the Battle of Pluto where the Alpha Legion attacked the Moon-Fortress of Hydra during the Horus Heresy. The Alpha Legion I have been making some decent progress with so it was time to start tackling the defenders – the Imperial Fists!

To kick things off, I began with a single Tactical Squad to get the colour scheme down. On the plus side, the new Mk VI legionaries are supremely quick and easy to paint. On the not so good side, bright yellow is traditionally one of those colours that is an absolute horse to mess around with – it is right up there with white.

Fortunately, GW has just come out with some new paints that seemed to make things viable, so I gave it a swing.

First important point – do not glue those backpacks on while you are building the marines! Instead, spray them Chaos Black, drybrush with Eshin Grey, and then paint the stabiliser nozzles with Leadbelcher.

For the rest of the model, undercoat with the new White Scar spray and then drench with the new Imperial Fist Contrast. This goes on more like a runny basecoat than other Contrasts so you get almost none of the usual ‘pooling’ of paint that is common on power armour models (I haven’t tried it yet, but Imperial Fist might even work on large vehicles…). It does not have quite the depth in the armour joints as, say, Iyanden Yellow, but I did not want to be running a darker colour into every nook and cranny, so I instead drybrush all raised edges with Dorn Yellow – this worked an absolute treat and for a quick and easy approach to Imperial Fists pretty much eliminates the need for putting more depth into the cracks.

With that done, it is onto the metal – our old favourite of Leadbelcher/Nuln Oil (the new mix)/Stormhost Silver. This goes on the guns, shoulder studs, other metal parts of the backpack and chest pipes. Working with a dark colour like this on a bright yellow requires a little more patience and finesse than I am usually used to, but it is with some relief when the end comes and you realise that there is in fact very little left to do on the model.

For the weapon casing and undersuit I simply used Black Templar Contrast – it is worth noting that this would not be suitable for models that require whole armour panels done in black (as with some Terminators that will soon be following) and they would need the normal Chaos Black/Eshin Grey highlight.

However, aside from the metal work, these models were very fast to do and this single squad will soon be joined by the rest of the reinforcements found on Pluto…