The Third Company of the Dark Angels is pounding towards completion, and it is less than two months since I started – a testament, I think, to the paint scheme I picked which a) looks good and b) is really quick to do. In fact, after these two squads, I only have one more to go and then I have every squad needed to fill out the company – just Dreadnoughts and characters to polish it off after that.

Anyway, I needed another two Battleline squads for slots 1 and 2, which at the moment basically means Intercessors. I had already done two ten-man squads, so decided to take a different approach with these – broken down into five-man squads, they would scoot into battle aboard Impulsors and then jump out to blow away anything nearby with rapid-firing Auto Bolt Guns!

At this point, with so many Dark Angels now painted up, there is little to say about the actual process of getting these done for the tabletop. They are superfast to do (the bare metal areas take the longest, but they are hardly a chore), and are the best looking Dark Angels I have ever done (this is actually the third Dark Angels army I have done over the years!).

For the leader of the first squad, I availed myself of the Dark Angels Primaris Upgrade kit, pinching the helmet (same design, but with a dagger on the forehead instead of the normal Sergeant skull), pointy hand with beads, and a Power Sword.

We’ll ignore the fact that this leaves the Sergeant without an actual gun…

For the Impulsors, I went with the Ironhail Stubbers and Orbital Comms Array options, for no other reason than I had yet to use either on the other Impulsors that have been completed for other squads. So, now I have a little of everything. By the same token, whereas the other Impulsors were given Fragstorm Grenade Launchers on the side weapon mounts, for these two I went with the trusty Storm Bolters.

With these Intercessor Squads now done, I just have one more squad to polish off the Third Company, and I had already decided to make these Heavy Intercessors – and, with great fortune, it just so happens that the newly released Agastus box set has a squad of Heavy Intercessors, along with one of the Dreadnoughts the company needs (I am planning on having three in total for Third Company).

So, those models were promptly put together and are on the painting table now, with their armour and weapon casings already completed. Should be finished this week!

Those done, I have a choice of projects – finish off the Dreadnoughts for Third Company, crack on with the Ravenwing, add a heavy tank squadron (got something in mind for that), or do a Heresy-era Thousand Sons model that has been lying around in its box for a few years but, on a whim, was put together over the weekend…