The Heavy Skybashas Arrive

Last weekend I finished the first of my Ironjawz, a bunch of Ardboys and the leaders of the warclan. During the week, I managed to polish off the real core of the force – Brutes and Gore-Gruntas.


As before, this is another army that is super-quick to paint up, as evidenced by me finishing this little off during the week (when I don’t get all that much time to paint) rather than a weekend.


The painting process is dead simple, as befits any Orruk army:

  1. Undercoat with Leadbelcher spray (yes, you pay a premium for GW spray paints, but they really are worth it – try one, you’ll see the difference in the way they cover a model).
  2. Wash the whole thing with Nuln Oil, then drybrush Runefang Steel. And that is all the armour done!
  3. Skin is next – lots of ways to do Orruk flesh, but I went with Castellan Green and Athonian Camoshade, highlighted by Loren Forest, Straken Green, and just a tad of Underhive Ash.
  4. Straps, weapon shafts and trousers are done with Rhinox Hide, Nuln Oil and Gorthor Brown.
  5. For the red, I base cloth with Khorne Red and metal with Mephiston Red. Both then get an Agrax wash and are highlighted with Evil Sunz Scarlet.
  6. The only real job left is to do the horns, teeth and bones. This is the standard Zandri Dust, Agrax, and Screaming Skull.

That just about finishes any Ironjaw miniature of the Skybashas!


On the painting table right now (aiming to finish them this weekend) are 15 more Ardboys and a Megaboss on a Maw-Krusha. Aside from Gordrakk and another 15 Ardboys, both of which I am going to do a little further down the road, I am calling this army complete after that!


The only things I would look at adding would be another unit of Gore-Gruntas, and perhaps take my Ardboys up to three units of 20 (will need another box set to do that). However, this would be purely for Battalion purposes, and I am in absolutely no rush to do that.


The real drive at the moment is to finish off all the models needed for the All-Gates battles. However, this is a lot less stressful than the fair ton I did for Godbeasts and with the Ironjawz and Sylvaneth complete, most of it is done already.

I just have a smattering of Khorne models, the odd Slaaneshi Sorcerer, some Prosecutors and a Skull Keep to do – all of which I am kinda hoping to get done this month, leaving December free for me to (finally) crack on with the Bonesplitterz, another army I have been looking forward to tackling!


2 Responses to “The Heavy Skybashas Arrive”

  1. Cripple X Says:

    These models are wonderful looking and your painting guide is very helpful. May I ask how you painted your Gore-gruntas flesh and fur?

  2. altsain Says:

    Hi there,

    I have been wracking my brain trying to remember 🙂 I used the same scheme shown in the Ironjawz Painting Guide (which is at home, and I tend to do these answers at work), but I seem to recall a Rakarth base, Agrax wash and… a couple of lighter colours for highlights. I recall the flesh being a bit odd, in that it is not a standard Bugman’s base, but did use Cadian Fleshtone on the highlight, but I would have to look it up…

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