I am not really concentrating on Horus Heresy-era models but a unit seems to get done every now and then, and this particular unit represents the last of the models I had lying around before the lockdown that were assembled and undercoated, but had not yet made it onto the painting table.

While I already have two close combat-based Grey Slayers units, these Space Woofs are the Forge World specific ones, coming with new heads, shoulder pads, weapons, and shields. They are wearing Mark III armour but, well ,you cannot have everything!

They look the part regardless.


Despite being a ‘basic’ Troops unit, the Forge Worldyness of units can sometimes mean there is somewhat more detailing to take care of, but the Grey Slayers went across my table smoothly and without increased effort.

Once all the gold edging on the armour plates is done (the bane of my life on so many models…), everything goes through pretty quickly. There are bare heads to do on all models, but they are no great hassle, even when taking into account the beautiful beards.


With this unit done, I am now looking to completely finish the Conquest magazine packages – just two (rather large) models to go!