Alarielle, the Radiant Queen

We have the War Storm battleplan coming up in our Realm of Life campaign soon and, in the novels, Alarielle shows up and is rather hard – she has become, after all, pretty much a demi-god who rules the entire Realm of Life.

I was thinking that, as there is a model of Alarielle, we could have her in this battle, but that she would need a slightly different Warscroll from the one that depicts her in the World-That-Was.

The first thing to do, of course, was paint up Alarielle.


She turned out to be a lot easier than I had (very much) feared. Start with a white base coat and then liberally use the Oxide technical paint, then drybrush white. That is her robes (and 80% of the model) done! Then it was just a case of working on the details, most of which were gold (which had a final drybrush of Griffon Gold to really make it shine).


That just left the Warscroll, which you can download here: Alarielle.

Despite her reaching demi-god status, I did not want to go overboard on the Radiant Queen. So, she is geared less towards kicking Chaos rear end, and more about being… lifey.


So, she only has 7 wounds (boosted a little from the normal 5 for a regular hero because, well, demi-god), and a low save – just enough for her to benefit from the odd cover and mystic shield (remember, if you have a Save of -, you never get a save roll, no matter what buffs you have…).

To counter that, she has an effective 4+ ward save and, borrowing a rule from Nurglings, she regains all wounds at the end of a turn automatically. So, fairly easy to wound, but you need to really pile it on to bring her down. Well within the capabilities of major Nurgle heroes, but she can hack through Plaguebearers all day.

Her Command Ability effectively spreads lifeyness around, allowing others to ignore wounds now and again (on the roll of a 6) I was going to make this 12″ range for all ORDER units but in the end thought ‘stuff it’. It now only affects Sylvaneth, but goes out to 20″ – this is her Realm, after all.

The Stave of the Jade Kingdoms is just a slightly pumped up Stave of Avalorn, with a dab of rend. Her one properly offensive ability is her spell (of which she can now cast three because, again, demi-god). In the novel, she throws an acorn that ends up ripping Chaos beasties from the inside, so I made the spell replicate this. It does D6 mortal wounds, and a frankly Glottkin-ripping 2D mortal wounds against Chaos units – however, this is balanced by a paltry 12″ range (she has to actually throw the acorn), and up close and personal is the last place she wants to be – especially in the War Storm battleplan if she is the general…

Anyway, if you are travelling through the Realm of Life, give this new Alarielle a whirl and let me know what you think!

Oh, and I have also updated the Herdstone Warscroll to be a bit more attractive! You cabn download that here.


One Response to “Alarielle, the Radiant Queen”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Sir I think her healing spell is very important!
    Just my suggestion but I think she should be powerful. Your version looks like the one she might be after the latest AoS Novel about her, after she remake herself from her “sleep”.
    Giving her 7 wounds is a great idea, I support this completely. Alarielle is a single model on foot so she not should be given too much wounds but she should too little either. About her supporting stats I think that her low armor save is ok, but 5+ would be better fluff wise, she is still a skilled and powerful character that will avoid damage.
    Giving her a 4+ ward save seem too powerful. I believe that she is a being that is on the same power level as Nagash, but her greatest ability is the giving of life.
    I personally find that she should just receive a 5+ wound/mortal wound save but we must transfer her damage to nearby Sylvaneth units within 3″ on a 2+ because they will not allow their queen to be harmed.
    About her spell, the damage level is what make me feel that this version of Alarielle is more warlike than lifebringer.
    Giving her the original healing spell that was on her original Warscroll will make Alarielle perform more supporting role. It will be more flufflike.
    I think it is better to make the Acorn spell just an “Once a battle” ability, the shorter range does not make it any less deadly given that she is designed to be so tanky. Make it a auto hit, range 12″, 3D3 mortal wound ability and double the damage when it is a Chaos model. Very killy to Chaos High wound characters but only once per game.

    She should have the spell like in the story that bind and held the greater Daemon in place. Cast on a 7+, target model movement become 1″, -2 to hit and wound and armor save. Chaos unit take 1 mortal wound.
    She should gain +1 to casting and unbind when within 3″ of a Sylvaneth wood.
    Her command ability should just be powerful+healing+defensive, all Sylvaneth units +1 to armor saves and every model heal 1 wound when they roll 5 or more when rolling for their armor save..

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